Visual Inspection for Sedimentation Practices

P.T. Weiss, A.J. Erickson, J.S. Gulliver, R.M. Hozalski

Visual inspection (level 1) should be included in all stormwater assessment programs, including those for sedimentation practices. Visual inspection of sedimentation practices should include inspection and documentation of the amount and distribution of retained solids. For example, a large deposit of solids at the inflow location of a dry pond may alter the inflow conditions or increase re-suspension of solids. Visual inspection of sedimentation practices should be conducted at least annually.

Checklists have been developed to simplify visual inspection for sedimentation practices, which are available for download here:

Visual Inspection Checklist - Dry Ponds

Visual Inspection Checklist - Wet Ponds

Visual Inspection Checklist - Underground Sedimentation Devices

Once visual inspection is complete, the appropriate maintenance can be selected and scheduled.

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